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Winter Luncheon is scheduled for February,14 2024

RSVP form can be found in the 2024 Winter ENCORE newsletter or use the updated RESERVE button under

"News/Events" page after January 6, 2024


Welcome to the BHSRO web page!  Look around & check us out.

If you are a BHS retiree or previous employee, we invite you to join us for good food, fun activities

and fellowship.

The BHSRO is a faith based organization that is consistent with the values and character of the Baptist Health System with a purpose to provide a focal point for common, compatible activities of its affiliated companies and opportunities for retirees to fellowship, communicate and continue an informational connection to the current operational activities of the Baptist Health System and enable opportunities to support the community through financial gifts to charitable organizations.

BHSRO is a great way to keep your connection with other BHS retirees 

and the Baptist Health System.



The Baptist Health system Retiree Organization had its humble beginning in 1991 when Barbara Hunsley, BHS Meeting and Travel Manager, had a vision of an organization that would allow BHS retirees to continue their relationships and fellowship with other former employees.  To acquire support for her vision, she shared her vision with her senior manager, Tom Sanders.  After much discussion about the organization structure and objectives, it was agreed that the Baptist Health System would support such an organization. Bill Page, who retired in 1985, was appointed as the President and another retiree, Frank Hinkley as Parliamentarian who was assigned to lead the development of the organization's by-laws.  Barbara Hunsley was appointed as the group's BHS liaison.  After communicating with as many of BHS retirees possible, the first meeting was held at The Club in November of that year. 


That meeting was very special in that it was the beginning of what exist today.  The organization's objective have not changed much over the past 33 years.  Thanks to the support of the Baptist Health System and determination and hard work of many over the years, the BHSRO is viable and continues to get stronger each year.


Quarterly meetings are held at various locations throughout the Birmingham area.  Meeting begin at 11:00 am with time for fellowship.  Lunch is served at 11:30 am, followed by a speaker and/or entertainment and business meeting.  Meeting date and reservations forms are included in the quarterly newsletter and must be returned with checks payable to BHSRO by date noted on the form.  Reservation forms are also available on the BHSRO Facebook page at

Meeting Attendance

Luncheon attendance is 75-100 each quarter

Meeting Dates

Meeting dates generally fall within the months of February, May, August and November.

ENCORE Newsletter

Each member receives a copy of the 12 page color ENCORE Newsletter approximately one month prior to each quarterly meeting.  Members are encouraged to submit story ideas and information regarding their personal interest and activities to be published in the newsletter. Please contact the ENCORE Editor to submit your ideals and articles.

Membership Fees

Annual dues are $25 for active members and $15 for associate members, payable in November for the coming year.

Membership History

  2012 active and associate members:  102

  2013 active and assoicate members:  112

  2014 active and associate members : 120

  2015 active and associate members:  109
  2016 active and associate members:  109

  2017 active and associate members:  105

  2018 active and associate members:  101

  2019 active and associate members:    86

  2020 active and associate members:    91

  2021 active and associate members :   90

  2022  active and associate members:    88 

  2023  active and associate members:    84



Membership Enrollment

Active Membership in the BHSRO is open to all Baptist Health System retirees.   Spouses and family members as well as retired physicians and their spouses may join as associate members.

Non-retired previous Baptist Health System employees may also join as an associate member.


Annual dues are $25 for active members and $15 for associate members. 2024 Renewal dues are due January 1, 2024.

Membership Form

  • Select the JOIN icon on the right below to access/PRINT form.


  • Send a request for membership form to BHSRO0241@GMAIL.COM.         Include your: Name, Email Address, and Phone Number. 

         We will email a membership form and a copy of the latest issue of the ENCORE newsletter 


  • See the News & Events Page for immediate access to latest issues of the ENCORE Newsletter.

         Instructions for submitting your form are provided on the form. 


  • Membership form is also available from newsletter link our Facebook Page.

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News & Events

Next scheduled BHSRO Luncheon Meeting  for Fall Luncheon 2023 will be

at the Princeton Haynes Building

The February 14, 2024

Quarterly Newsletters are published in February, May, August and November.

 Click on links below to review previous Newsletters.

Newsletter Archive



Wounded Warrior Project - is a veteran's service organization that offers a varity of programs, services and events for wounded veterans of the military actions following the event of 9/11/2001. 


2013 Donation - $200

Salvation Army - is a Christian denominational church and international charitable organization that shares the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination.


Donation 2011 - $1000

Donation 2013 - $200

Donation 2014 - $500

Donation 2016 - $500

Donation 2017 - $500

Big Oak Ranch - The Ministry of the Big Oak Ranch grew from a simple desire to give children who have been abused, neglected or abandoned a chance for a normal  and happy life.


Donation 2014 - $200

M-POWER Ministries - is a faith-based social services agency in Birmingham, Alabama. M-POWER was established in 1998 to provide opportunities for people to break the cycle of poverty through education and health services.


M-POWER accomplishes its mission through two distinct centers: the M-POWER Education Center – providing adult literacy tutoring, GED programs, and Career-Readiness programs, and the M-POWER Health Center – providing acute care walk-in clinics, primary care clinics, and sub-specialty clinics for patients without access to health care.


Donation 2012  - $1,000

BHS Foundation - Incorporated in 1967 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Baptist Health Foundation was one of the first hospital foundations in the nation.


The Foundation is charged with the responsibility to seek charitable contributions for operational, capital and endowment purposes for Baptist Health System and its four hospitals. Baptist Health Foundation is the official repository for all philanthropic gifts for the Baptist Health System and may receive donations and grants from individuals, corporations, foundations, government agencies or any other entity.


Donation 2014 - $500

Donation 2016  - $500

Donation 2017  - $500

Donation 2019  - $500

Donation 2019  - $500

Donation 2023  - $500




Any BHSRO member is welcome to attend any regular scheduled meeting.

                         Date                                            Location                                          Time

                 BOARD MEETINGS

                   January 10,  2024                           Ridge Park Corporate Offices              10:00 am

                  April 10,  2024                       Ridge Park Corporate Offices              10 :00 am

                   July 10, 2024                                 Ridge Park Corporate Offices               10:00 am

                  October 9, 2024                         Ridge Park Corporate Offices               10:00 am



                LUNCHEON MEETINGS

                  Fall  11/8/2023                            Princeton Haynes Auditorium             11:00 am

                  Winter  2/14/2024                    Princeton Haynes Auditorium              11:00 am

                  Spring   5/15/2024                       Princeton Haynes Auditorium             11:00 am

                  Summer 8/14/2024                           Princeton Haynes Auditorium          11:00 am

                  Fall  11/13/2024                         Princeton  Haynes Auditorium            11:00 am





Haynes Building

Haynes Auditorium

BMC Princeton. AL

BHS Corporate Offices

Ridge Park

1130 22nd St S.

Birmigham, AL

The Club

1 Robert Smith Dr.

Birmingham,AL 35209

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